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Welcome to Hayman Automation Solutions, we are a Silicon Valley based company focused on software and hardware integration to help meet your laboratory automation needs for High Throughput Screening, Discovery Workflows, and Production Workflows.
At Hayman Solutions, we specialize in providing comprehensive laboratory automation solutions, specifically in hardware support, to meet the diverse needs of high throughput screening, R&D Workflows, and Productionized Workflows.

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Our expertise lies in providing lab automation consultation services, designing and implementing cutting edge automation technologies, and providing routine automation systems maintenance to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity across these critical laboratory needs.

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Hayman Automation is proudly partnered with industry leaders like ThermoFisher, Brooks, and Retisoft. We offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs. Benefit from top-quality products, laboratory automation expertise, and powerful software solutions, all delivered with excellence and innovation. Elevate your operations with our esteemed partners by your side.

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An automation company bent on reliability.

Expertise: Our team of automation specialists possess extensive knowledge and experience in laboratory automation. We stay up to date with latest technologies and best practices, ensuring that you receive the most reliable and effective solutions.
Customized Approach: We understand that each laboratory has unique requirements. Our services are tailored to your specific workflows, instruments, and automation goals, ensuring a customized approach that maximizes efficiency and productivity.
Reliability: We prioritize system uptime and reliability. Our service and support team is dedicated to providing quick response times, effective troubleshooting, and timely resolution of issues.

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